You are truly blessed if you have a family that shares your karate journey with you. The support and encouragement you experience fuels your body, mind and spirit and it carries you through difficult times.

 Only through mindful, disciplined, repetitive training do you discover the intricate gifts that karate can offer. Don’t anticipate your progress. It will just cause you frustration and anxiety. Rather accept it as a result of your on-going disciplined effort.

The ultimate goal of training in traditional karate is not merely the perfection of fighting skills, but rather the total development of the human character where fighting is no longer necessary. Karate, as a martial arts, is to develop the character and self-esteem of its students. It teaches you respect, control, calm temperament, humility and self-control.

At Nintai-Ryoku Dojo we have adopted an old Japanese philosophy called “Kaizen”

Kaizen is an approach of creating continuous improvement based on the idea that small, on-going positive effort and changes can reap major improvements over a period of time.

The underlying basic principle of Kaizen is a dedication to improving better effectiveness, more satisfaction, and less waste. To achieve these core tenets of continuous improvement, it is important to standardise an easily adjustable, repeatable and organized process.